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The primary question in the minds of most owners is simply this: how much is my company worth? However, there is no easy answer. The value of a business depends not only upon its trading record and prospects, but also upon timing, market conditions and the sector in which it operates.


In selling a business we will first meet the owners to discuss their plans and aspirations and gain an understanding of the company’s background. We will then examine its trading history in depth and assess its potential.


Once the initial review is complete, we can recommend a price that might realistically be achieved, and suggest how and when to bring the business to market.


In achieving the highest return, the skill with which the business is marketed is of vital importance. Over the years we have gained a comprehensive knowledge of the requirements of buyers and understand the features that will provide a business with added value.


When offers are received, we will work with you to evaluate their attractiveness, taking into account the many factors that must be considered, and negotiating on your behalf at every stage.



Merging with another company is a common way to expand an existing business. We can help determine how your business can benefit and assess the value. At the stage you are ready to consider a merger we can identify suitable targets.

Management Buy-outs


The sale of many SME businesses is through a management buy-out. We have extensive contacts with both venture capital houses and debt providers that specialise in the sector. These include business angels who often provide additional expertise as well as financial backing.



Although we predominantly work for vendors, with our thorough knowledge of the marketplace and extensive contacts, we are able to help purchasers identify suitable target businesses. We will negotiate on clients’ behalf to bring the deal to conclusion in a way that makes sound commercial sense to both parties.


We may be called upon to advise companies that have already identified a business which they wish to buy. We can advise on all aspects of the deal and carry out negotiations at every stage.




In all cases we can guide the SME through the legal aspects that require consideration, from due diligence to warranties and indemnities, as well as issues relating to staff and property.



Jade Corporate is paid principally by results, normally agreeing in advance a basic retainer plus a success related fee once the sale is complete.

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